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‘FLASHBACK’ – Faith Child – New single is out now

21 November 2009 by , No Comments

FaithChild-Flashback‘FLASHBACK’ is FaithChild’s new single taken from the upcoming album ‘ILLUMINATION’. The track features the rock tinged vocals of Alex, the stellar production of GP (D-Vine Music) and Faith Child delivering his own testimony and is out now on iTunes for just 79p.

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CLICK HERE: iTunes Link – http://tinyurl.com/yd9q8jx.


Karl Nova – Skanksgiving Mix Tape – Mixed by DJ K

10 November 2009 by , 9 Comments

This is a little mix that I did to promote Karl Nova’s hot new EP.  Check it out on itunes.

Fruits – First Fruits

7 April 2006 by , 1 Comment

first fruitsFruits Productions

That is the question posed on track 3 of this album from Birmingham based rap duo Fruits.  Your answer better be “Really Real” because these rough diamonds of the underground Gospel Rap scene bring the message raw and uncut.  Whilst the production style of Friksun is at times often as dark as a dungeon at midnight, the deep, gritty vocals of HMD bellow out truths with a ferocity that scares my two- year old daughter!
However, the greatest asset of a rough diamond is its purity, and ‘First Fruits’ is a debut album full of hip-hop psalms delivered with a candidness and purity of heart that is quite endearing.
This all goes together to make for some surprisingly powerful tracks, namely ‘Who’s Crackers’, ‘What is Your God?’ and my favourite, ‘God’s Children’.
My fear is that this album will not get the exposure it needs to reach out and touch the hearts of those whom HMD & Fushkin have meant it for. That is exactly what will happen if industry folk take one look at where they are coming from and their style of music without giving the lyrical content a fair hearing.
Don’t sleep on this one. Make sure you check it out for yourselves!

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Karl Nova & Folashade as Double Portion – Redeemed Beats Mixtape Vol 1

4 April 2006 by , No Comments

karlnova mix vol1Set Apart Records
G. C. Lewis, with his ‘Truth Behind Hip-Hop’ teachings, and all who follow his doctrine are creating an anti-hip-hop/anti-secular agenda that seems to be growing ever more ferocious.
That is why I must commend the bravery of Karl Nova (of G.K.Real) for putting this mix CD out on the street in this current climate.  And this is a street mix-tape for real, with all the ingredients that you would expect, from someone on the secular underground scene: rap lyrics, over the most popular hip-hop and R’n’B instrumentals, DJ jingles, guest appearances and interludes.
However, what makes this different is the lyrical content, which clearly illustrates the mission, which is to preach the Gospel.  Karl Nova is, at times preacher, at times teacher, sometimes comical, always honest.  Like on the autobiographical ‘Intro’ where he talks about his walk, his musical ambitions and his struggle for acceptance from both the church and the world.
With a grand total of 28 tracks, there are some numbers that weren’t as good as the rest, but I found more than enough heavy tunes to keep me happy. Standout tracks include ‘Revelation’ and ‘Finished Work’ which are both rap remixes of tracks from the G.K.Real ‘Its All About You’ album.  Other favourites of mine include ‘Praise Him Cos’ He’s God’ and the excellent anti-violence anthem ‘Put Down Your Guns’.
Double Portion also provides a platform for new female MC Folashade to introduce herself on a few tracks, of which ‘Folashade’s Flow (One)’ and the African influenced ‘Imela’ are the best.
Nova knows that he is in danger of receiving criticism from some parts of the Church, but this album is aimed at those OUTSIDE the Church, those on street level… and for them, he’s speaking the right language.
Keep doing your thing!